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New Fashions

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Hello Everyone, 


I have had a good amount of people ask me if we planned to add the new self made fashion set options to the game, This is something that I would like to do for you all with the new level cap, but I would like to ask you all for your help. 


Let's face it, this game was not kind to male characters in terms of what armor looks like, and even some fashions are lacking. Females on the other hand have several nice options. What I am going to do is give you all a chance to submit what you think would make nice looking fashions sets, this is the self made fashion and would be like Pirate fashion or the Ladies fashion sets. The one major downside however is that helmets can not be made into fashion, So we can add base hair that can be dyed in the same way that I did for Genesis. 


Please submit images of armor sets, They can be mixed and matched if you feel they look better that way, and a possible name for that set here. I will take all the suggestions and put them to a vote, I plan to add 4 -5 new sets of self made fashion for each gender. You will be able to dye these fashions so the colors they currently are is not anything to worry about, and remember this is based on armor. 


If your suggestion is chosen you will get to name the fashion set. 



Thank you for your Support. 


Below are samples of fashions done in the past 



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