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Game Freezes after Selecting Character

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I was excited to play, and everything was going fine (note: I am on a 16:9 widescreen computer ; but in full-screen mode, WoKF didn't have a problem starting)---and I was able to login, and able to create a character.......but when I pressed the "ENTER" to go into the game world, everything froze, "not responding"---I have attempted this several times and it freezes right at that specific space. I redownloaded the client, and it's doing the same thing....I am unsure if you have any other reports of other players experiencing anything similar?

system info: laptop : Win10 (x64) ; Core i5-3317U ; 4GB ram ; installed on 320GB HDD. 


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If you're using Windows Defender you need to add the client folder as an exclusion. That will help with loading times. On Windows 10 Windows Defender scanning causes the loading times to be much longer. The client will act like it's not responding but it will eventually load in.

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