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Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

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On Sunday August 19th at 12:00 PM server time we will be hosting an Anonymous school war event. 

For this event each person that participates will be given an toon that has been created based on your class and gender request. You are only allowed to use items provided to you during the event. You can not port your own personal player toon onto the designated map, nor can you leave the map at any time. 

We will divide everyone that participates into two teams on the day of the event. Teams will be divided evenly based on the number of players that participate on the day of. 


Each toon created will be level 80, you will be given a set of both class armor (With no effect) and Divine level 80 armor. Each toon will also be provided tokens that can be used to spend at the shops on the designated map for items such as Universe herbs and Transform cards of your choice.  Relics will not be provided for the these toons, you will have Ring, Amulet and Trinkets available to you.  Hidden weapons will not be allowed for this event. 


Each person that shows up on the day of event and participates from start to finish will be rewarded with gold and coins, the winning school will gain a bonus prize and higher gold and coin amount. 


To join the event please post your In game name as well as the Class and gender you would like your toon to be made. 

*You do not get to pick the look or name of the toons this will be random upon character creation. 


Hope you see you all there. 

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Sakura                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Female               

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