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Just one suggestion ...

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Fix the forging system.

Can't activate vouchers in school, failure rate is abominable, whether you have zero craft rep or the max 200k makes no difference ..

Advanced Craftsman charms also seem to make no difference. If anything, the failure rate is higher when using them.

And Gold Forging vouchers are insanely expensive. 1500 gold doesn't even get you enough vouchers to forge ONE item, let alone a set of 6.

It's a mess and needs attention.

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We have no control over how charms work with any of the forging and especially with school forging. The success rate is a percentage not anything to do with reputation amount. Gold forging is a luxury system. It's not meant for someone to do gold forging 1-20. Its there to help with the higher forgings that may take a little bit of time but is not something that is required for you to play the game.

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