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Few suggestions

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Posted (edited)

Drop rate of snow lotus while collecting seems to be ridiculously rare. After having cleaned the school field like 10 times I only got 1 snow lotus.

Ain't any different if you try to collect it outside. Buying it for reputation is not really an option, specially if you need many since the cost of each is 500 rep.

I suggest making the rate higher or having other options of getting them, such as quest rewards or boxes


tai yi  pill should be in category of medicine. It makes pvp tedious unless one side outnumbers another since players can outheal everything. 

So unless you can keep your opponent stunned all the way, you will most likely fail to execute. If it was a medicine, a player could fully restore their 

HP but they wouldn't be able to heal at all for the next 60 sec. That risk would balance out the over powered instant healing.


hammer stun has lower cool down than duration, if a player has tier set. That enables infinite stun stun lock in case of 1 vs 1 fight, with the only chance to break 

it being back-sleep or back-daze effect from twisting wind or master roshii tc. I suggest increasing the aggro cost on sacred willow strike to 35. That would

make possible just 3-4 stuns in a row. Also, hammer should have their physical damage increased since it currently does less damage than spear or bs even

though it has more weapon attack and attack than both.


staff of sorrows with the healing effect doesn't work. Healing effect just never ever kicks in. Would be cool if it was fixed.


That's all, thanks for your attention!



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