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Suggestions for Level 100 Cap

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Hello Everyone, 


We have began to plan out our Level 100 cap. Now traditionally the progression of this would be to go to mangrove, The boat map, and the hill. We will not be doing that, this cap will included a new grinding zone, new Instance and new town. We are tossing out the rule book and adding in things we feel would make the game better. We would like to give you all a chance to offer your opinions on what you would like to see happen with this cap.

We are going outside the box on this one because we don't want to do the same old song and dance time and time again. We have a lot of work ahead of us, right now we have an idea of when we plan to do the cap, but we will not make any announcements as the time frame could change for many various reasons.  

We know that there are a few things from our current cap that remain unfinished such as Imperial Transmog and Treasure boxes, and we are working to get all of those things done asap.


With the current cap, we gated the cap with 5 new levels each week, along with new content each week, that did not work out the way that we planned, we did it that way so that we could get the cap out faster, this time around however, we are going to do a much more completed patch, so we are not left trying to rush between the 5 level gaps to complete content. Everything we do is learned by trial and error. 


We have a lot of exciting new ideas that will come with the new cap, this time around we will be sharing more of what we do as we complete different areas of the patch, and give you all more chances to provide your feedback. At this time we do not plan to do a public PTR test group, most of the time this don't work out well at all because we have learned that many people to do not take part in PTR to help better the game, but more so to see what's new and play around for their own reasons. 


So the point of this post is to provide you all with some insight on where we stand, and also to provide you all with the chance to start offering suggestions. Things you think we can improve upon. Some things we know that we need to find ways to make better would be a stronger focus on PVP in game. We know that there are many people that do not wish to PVP at the same time, but there are many people that like that challenge, and we are fully open to suggestions on how we can improve in this area.  One thing I would also really like to do is revive the market, More cat shops and to see players more dependent on each other to get what they need,  we have some ideas already on how we can do this, and I really think that you all will enjoy them. 


We are going to be changing up how gear works for the next cap, doing something that you all may not expect from us, but in the end I think it's going to be a much better system then the current G,E,R type system that the game offers. I do not want to give away to many details yet, but I can say that I really want this patch to be EPIC and WAY outside the box. 


Please provide any suggestions you have here on this thread. Please if you have skill change suggestions however we ask that you post them under the appropriate classes, in that part of the forum. 


Thank you for your time, we are very excited for the future of WOKF and we hope you are as well. 



This image is the new instance that we are working on for the level 100 Cap. This will be done much different then any instance the game currently has to offer. 

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-All balances should be considered with Multi-Clienting in mind
-Perma stun shouldnt be a thing and instead should be used as utility
-A counter for BS should be made (something that can kill BS consistantly) for example Spear
-Fan healing should have a debuff on the fan (like the staff aggression debuff or reducing their armor by a certain amount)
-Staff poison should be increased to at least 300 per tick
-Bow perma snare should be removed(fixed)
-Less popular classes should be given buffs/utility that makes them more useful (better stuns / tanking capability or other)
-The power should be redestributed between all classes instead of just BS/Staff/Fan
-Hook/Fan buffs should be reduced from 1 hour / 30 minutes to 5/10 minutes to prevent multi client buffing

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Posted (edited)
-Make hook a secondary buff/healer class (hook will heal less than fan but it will not have the debuffs fan should get on healing (if thats added))
-Give Hook the fan cleanse (death pearl removal) to make hook a viable boss alt
-Toy with the hook aggression drain and damage to make it viable in pvp ( a good counter to staff)
-If possible to think about giving hook a stun removal (would make them very interesting in pvp)
-Increase the poison damage (to allow to penetrate defense buffs)
-Reduce the cooldown on the aggression buff
-Increase the damage of Crazed Ox to make it a viable pvp skill
-Lower the cooldown of Lucky Dragon Thrust to give spear a good DPS combo (also lower its damage if needed)
-Keep Spear a low stun class but give them a stun escape tool (like the staff anti stun buff to make them a glass cannon type class)
-Toy with the damage on spear skills (and if possible their critical chance)
-Lower cooldown of Monkey King Defiance (but also lower the lasting time to 3/4 seconds)
-Healing has a debuff on the fan -Fan buffs last less time 5/10 minutes making multi clienting harder
-General decrease in fans defense to make for a more squishy class
-Balancing the healing debuff by adding healing self healing on a dps skill (if possible)
-Give sword a movement speed increase buff (on self if possible) which allows them to reposition / kite
-Monkey King's Swiftness should have its cooldown reduced to allow sword to use skills while moving without having to go through long casts
-Changing sword from a CC based class to a movement based class(kiting)
-Reducing the cooldown and possibly increasing the range of the teleport (a 10 second cooldown would be ideal)
Combo idea: Monkey kings swiftness > long cast skill > teleport > long cast skill > CC 
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