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  1. Economy

    Very well done Wujek. That must have taken a lot of time. I find I agree with most if not all of your analysis. I might add a couple thoughts. On the part about medicines, an alternative to producing better ones might be to produce more from the same materials. About Blessing of the Gods, perhaps being able to craft a token to exchange for the specific blessing you want would be a better alternative. Also, I find no fault in your English.
  2. Economy

    More coins from school quests could help. Of course that brings with it the problem of alts to farm them so maybe not the best solution. Maybe increase the coin drop from ddq bosses, but again, alts. Bullion drops or from collection might work a little better and a way to convert silver bullion to gold bullion and gold bullion to Gold. I would, however, expect the gold prices to drop down over time to pre-Thanksgiving prices when people realize no one is buying it at that price. Assuming no one does buy it at that price. That or maybe put gold bullion back in the item mall for 10 gold for 5 bullion to deflate it a bit that way.
  3. How can we make the server better?

    As HotteStar said, some players like pvp, some do not. I'd like to see the maps duplicated with one that has pvp enabled and one that does not. I know the entrance points could be an issue but I would think you could add an NPC to teleport you to one or the other like there is for Mangrove or the one from Yicheng, the name escapes me at the moment. I do assume this would be a fairly major bit of work, but I think that would easily allow those that don't mind occasionally being jumped out of nowhere to brave the wilds. You could make it enticing by giving higher exp and rep rates in those areas. I would not want to see increased drop rates for it. Potentially you could have a cost associated with going to either zone. Originally I thought that would be for the pvp-free zone, but pay to pvp and higher exp and rep rewards seems fair as well so it could go either way. That could be coins or tokens, maybe even a drop like qigong keys, but I'm not sure about that because of the rng involved in dropping them. Maybe an ability to buy in case you can't get any to drop or something. Obviously not too steep a price and not gold-only, but I would be fine paying a few thousand coins to avoid the harassment. I for one enjoy the pve aspect of this game but do not care for the pvp unless I'm "signed up" for it. I'll enter tournaments and the like, but I don't like to be bothered by it when I'm trying to accomplish something.
  4. How can we make the server better?

    I'd like to see if we can add an item like Human Eyes, Ghost Eyes, and God Eyes for MP.
  5. Willow Spirit Breath

    I know it's always been the way it is, but I find Willow Spirit Breath to be fairly useless. It can be interrupted and gives a measly 375 mp four times, 3 or 4 seconds apart for a total gain of only 1500 mp, if you don't get hit while it's going. I'd like to see it changed to work the same way Orchid Spirit Breath works but for mp instead of hp of course.
  6. Stun Lock

    Increase the cool down so it can't be perma-stun. That's the real issue in my eyes. If we get at least a few seconds to do something, that's not so bad, but when you're going along minding your own business and someone comes invis behind you and stuns you, you're done. They can keep you stun-locked forever and you have no recourse at all. I would assume they are still quite capable of winning many fights without stun-locking opponents, just like the rest of us. If they can't, then they could use a buff in another area, but knowing that if you get stunned once you're dead no matter your class, skills, or stats really sucks. I'll say increasing agg cost probably won't help. There are a variety of ways to get agg, rage charm, bulma tc, pills, I might be missing more.