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    Hello, not sure if this is the right place where i should post this , but still ... i been told by GMs to post on forum stuff about game suggestions .. probably bugs and etc. One of the things i want to say about that should be maybe econcidered to fix , balance or something like that is that normally last skills on 2nd page on highest lvl are suposed to be strongest ones right .. well lethal shadow essence is spear last skill and .. is like ... 40% chance eto reflect like .. 60 dmg ? with gods eye buff ppl have like 20k hp .. is not normal spar strongest buff to reflect 60 dmg ... more like 600 since is not even like staff skill 400dmg reflect per hit but it is 40% chance and also when spear put that automatically leaves without stun ... so still kinda useless ... on the other hand on deescription on skill does write reflect dmg and skill efects back at eney - yes sure it doees reflect ... 60 dmg .. but ... i cant see any skill fects refleected back at enemy like slow, stun, imobilize, internal injuris and stuff ... and since it does write that it reflects skill effect it should make probably spear like that when bs stun lock for spear to have 40% to reflect like 400-600 dmg back wich is still nothing cuz 40% is 1 of 3-4 hits wich the enemy can heal with hp potions ... so u should concider add that skill efect back at enemy wich would mean 40% also for bs to stun himslf at 3-4 stun in a roll so stun lock breaks and spear gets a chance to hit him and stand a chance .... i was so excited to make full gaer and collecting tokens gold and stuff ... just to find out that spear ven with full gear refined still suks ... earlyer on war i got stunlocked by some bs players ... they just tak turns on me to stun ... while 10-15 ppl around me fight .. i stay in stunlock 30-40-50 sconds untill everyone stuns me atakcs me and at last i die without even being able to hit eeven once .... you guys think that is nice? my opinion is not ... im not saying remov estunlock or make staff less shield .. i suggest that make other classes able to stand a chance ... like hook 28dmg per second skill? yea that should work on enemy with 30k hp ... as it works 60 dmg reflect 1 of each 5 hits .... im sure or if not sure i think that classss like fan and hammer also have their issues but well thats not the class i focus on playing so im not gona suggest any fixes on other weak classes this is GM work ... i just suggest what i see and im very sure of ...i wasted like 15 -20 days to play to mak espear toon and full gear wasted gold time and all ..... tofind out that .... even with christmas buff 2500 dodge and shcool buff 800 dodge with about 6k dodge bs still stunlock me eazy ... cuz of high hit rate i gues ... so i would be happy if GMs concider fixing lethal shadow essence skill and make it refleect more dmg and skill ffects back .. also haevenly phoenix technique .. haas 300sec cool down ... its only spear shield only way spear can defend itself ...when we not count the ridiculous 22% chance of stun that it has ...so i think lowering that 300 sec would be good too since staff has 3 shields 1 of wich is reflect and other is immune and 2 of them are lower cd ... not to count the 2 stuns 1 of wich is aoe ... but let that go about the stuns ....would be good if shield cd get lowered and lethal shadow essence rflect stun and internal back at enemy ....if that doesnt happen after update or later in time cuz i get it u cant do all at once .. i guess my only option leavs to make staff or bs toon ... since spear is way too weak and kinda useless... well thats all for now, tnx and happy new year to all
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