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  1. relic npc

    Can you add the ability to do 1 relic at a time with the 40 so that you can do stragglers if u don't have 40 at at time please?
  2. I can not get the quest how to make a big fortune on my fan LilyMae but i was able to get it on my alts JillyBean and MiaMae. They got it at 61 but my fan whose now 63 cant get it .
  3. Deal or No Deal 11/19/17

  4. Collection- Cant collect

    I also can not collect on my fist whose collection skill is level 2. I hope this gets fixed soon
  5. Collection- Cant collect

    I am unable to collect- my collection level i s level 4 and when i click on a tree in sulin i get this message: You don't know the production skill