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  1. Hammer Buffs

    Please readjust buff of hammers, they are very low Aand would be good if u add "Emerging Tortoise Snap" as a buff too
  2. Suggestions for Level 100 Cap

    most of these ideas are stupid
  3. Buff!!

    about blind rabbit stance and peony blossom, if u will change those i want a change for sword too, those changes are a bit OP, look at the effect of t1 staff
  4. Suggestions for Sword

    Remove cast time on three bull strike and change the cast time of piercing talon blade to 2sec. Fix his internal dmg : Sacred crane thrust (41) / Coiled serpent strike (30) ... really poor Fix Buff : Seven scholar stance ARMOR/DEFENSE (175) poor too
  5. Player of the month - November

    I vote myself Joke. Just wanted to write something lol
  6. GS & GM of the Month - November

    I vote for GS-BunnyNicutzay, he helped me a lotta
  7. Deal or No Deal 11/19/17

  8. Halloween Deal Or No Deal

  9. Anonymous School War Event 11/5/17

    Name : Moon Class : Fan