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  1. What are things you like about the current expansion?

    forge system, arch system, box of new hope, customs tokens ( i didn't get any yet but i like it ) also those / rewards with quest token, qin quest reward, qin daily, daily, etc
  2. Pvp quest we need to kill many bosses just for low rep. also the buff bugged Those new ores/herb/tree are useless nobody makes armor blue lvl 68/78 remove those and just keep the one what we need to upgrade fash
  3. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    -Moon / Bow
  4. Sugges about hidden weapons

    the other option is an npc unlimited like in ur server
  5. Sugges about hidden weapons

    Bigger market aint cool? how many cat shops we got selling the same items wat like 2 or 3 ppl looking for it?. Also there is 4elite/1top school so 3/5 are pvp school, they will need to farm mats for hiddens if they want, so thats mean big war to get elite/top. Well pvp reputation is a second option, will be still useful
  6. Sugges about hidden weapons

    I heard some players camping the black marketer npc where u get "1" of each hiddens. So lets do it fair? most ppl don't care that much about collection field and the mats what the boss drop ... So my point is this, make all the hiddens crafteable with the mats what the boss drop? so there will be more ppl "pvp" doing SQ to take elite/top school and also collection field will be useful. Also we need the fans to be able to remove "integration powder" it's the most useful hidden weapon atm, so this need any counter right? TY.
  7. Fan issues

    Skill "Sealing Release" should work 100% but looks like doesnt work sometimes. Also fans should able to remove the hidden weapon "Desintegration Powder".
  8. LS

    Eden, Why you don't reajust buff of Legendary School a little bit like "heals you 2%" or something that will help you a little bit on pvp? I mean, not that many ppl fighting for it, but it's worth it? And if u add items to gift will be cool too, like this http://prntscr.com/k80pss Thanks to check out this post
  9. Hammer Buffs

    Please readjust buff of hammers, they are very low Aand would be good if u add "Emerging Tortoise Snap" as a buff too
  10. Suggestions for Level 100 Cap

    most of these ideas are stupid
  11. Buff!!

    about blind rabbit stance and peony blossom, if u will change those i want a change for sword too, those changes are a bit OP, look at the effect of t1 staff
  12. Suggestions for Sword

    Remove cast time on three bull strike and change the cast time of piercing talon blade to 2sec. Fix his internal dmg : Sacred crane thrust (41) / Coiled serpent strike (30) ... really poor Fix Buff : Seven scholar stance ARMOR/DEFENSE (175) poor too
  13. Player of the month - November

    I vote myself Joke. Just wanted to write something lol
  14. GS & GM of the Month - November

    I vote for GS-BunnyNicutzay, he helped me a lotta
  15. Deal or No Deal 11/19/17