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  1. Spear class revive

    Sorry to say spear class is POS class atm. Nobody play them. Please revise all class to make it usable and pvp class again. I have been told that Spear class will get stronger and changes at lvl 80. This is not happening. Seems like spear is the bottom class now. People ask me to be more specific, idk what to say, or start from where, try to pvp with spear and see how easily you get your ass kick. I posted some suggestion in new thread. This is my last attempt to post. I have been asked , why don't I play other class ... well what's wrong with fixing spear class? if it is too much work or something I should know? I have seen many people left after each patch. What is the goal here? all the change here I suggested can change after? I think it is reasonable. All changes are not final. Thanks
  2. Reduce Heavenly Phoenix Technique

    Please reconsider reduce Heavenly Phoenix to 2 mins. Increase to above 2 mins is really useless. Also when you have T1 full set, you waste 2 secs from 15 secs shield, try it and see. you cast and by the time you can move it is already 12 or 13 secs. Not much diff than without T1.
  3. Monkey King Definance

    Currently seal is only 6 secs. need to change this to 25 secs. This is rarely work on pve, and for pvp, people is gone after you seal it, by the time you reach them the effect is gone and they either daze you or stun.. not really use full here
  4. Heavenly Phoenix Technique

    nothing change for this kill as mentioned, still same, and increase CD is not really help. "Heavenly Phoenix Technique now has a 2.5 minute coolodnw and restores 3% health every 3 seconds for 15 seconds and increases movement speed by 20% every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
  5. Lethal Shadow Essenses

    Currently this skill got 40% to reflect 60 damage to target. how about reflect 2k back to target?
  6. lron Monkey Strike

    I think iron monkey should daze for 5 secs, that should be reasonable
  7. almost every class have some skill to restore hp/mp, but spear does not. Heavenly phoenix should reduce cd to 2 mins. 3 mins is too long
  8. Plum Blossom Bow

    Increase the decrease target defense to 30%. Currently it is only 16%. This is by chance other classes has defense debuff more than this 16%
  9. Reduce Heavenly Phoenix Technique

    Reduce Heavenly Phoenix Technique cd to 2 mins. Currently it is 4 mins. I remembered upgrade this skill also restore hp, but reduce cd is good enough for now
  10. Deal or No Deal 12/17/17

    sign me
  11. Halloween Deal Or No Deal

  12. Spear Class needs improvement on this server. Heavenly Phoenix 4 mins CD