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  1. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    Sakura Fan Female
  2. Suggestions for Changes - Level 80 Cap

    Those are some suggestion i ge from some palyer :- New skill style by changing Their color and the effect when we hit ****** Puting New kind of Forge or New ways we can use to make our gears more stronger -make large grinding space ******if possible opening crypt and swmap lvl 60-80*****if possible to make instance more easyer and remove all those Deadly effect Like 30% hp losing and reducing ***** reduce the value to get envoy From 25k to 10k *****Re-Looking at weapens effect in evry class****adding new effect To gears**** make new rules for Pvp *****adding items at all boss in instance and all boss of wokf world ****adding sky pearl in general store ***** making new style of event in each weekend not only rate and double xp ***** i dont know what diffrence between heavy and light gears *****hope we will see good effect in class gears T1 or T2****craft reputation its suppose to be For get colored greas or fail chance so even we have higher reput still we fail *****econemy: plze fixe the prize of gold in catshop **** adding good Healing Pill not only for pvp but to heal while Killing boss's ****
  3. Suggestions for Changes - Level 80 Cap

    - New Maps and New mobs
  4. Deal or No Deal 12/17/17

  5. Deal or No Deal 11/19/17

    GS-sakura class Spear
  6. Halloween Deal Or No Deal

  7. Anonymous School War Event 11/5/17

    Name : GS-Sakura Class : Spear