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  1. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    TheLonelyHerO Hook Female
  2. Player Appreciation Week 8/17/2018 - 8/26/2018

    Wow 1 year .
  3. Shield

    Very good suggestion Hope eden take this to point and add . Cuz sword need heal whole shield
  4. Skills

    Admins will look about this neme For the cap , we will have some skill changes
  5. Suggestions for Changes - Level 80 Cap

    Make it clear zhouyy
  6. Change skill cool down time

    Its not 3min yet ?
  7. Whacked God's Eyes Charm

    Good idea . admins shud consider it
  8. Suggestions for Changes - Level 80 Cap

    New skill. That won't be sakura. Cuz we still working on the present skills Forge - that might be a point. Using mats for forge and vouchers -- 2 options Large grind space? We will have theaps for 60-80 from official and crpty won't be up so early Instance cant be easy . people have to team up and farm it to gain stuffs Envoy - reducing it to 10k is good point to consider Weapon effect . creators will out the decent effects ova the weapons , we hope New effect over tier 1 . can't be done We can make the effects which were already in t1 . the way it was having the effects was good Rules for PvP. U have shelters . use them and gain more shelters if u need them Adding items to instance boss ? What items We will have instance were we will be farming the lvl 80 stuffs Sky pearls can't be in NPC. Only earth should Archeology gibes the sky pearls . good Events at week end. Yea admin should make some good anonymous school event and more PvP events We can't have good success rate or worse fail on craft. Its luck. People with max craft - should get little higher success rate. Worth for spending time maxing the rep Gold in shop. We can't force some one to sell them for a certain price Hp/mp pills - we will have better one in cap. For higher levels.
  9. Suggestions for Changes - Level 80 Cap

    Suggestion's about the cap gonna be 5 lvl per week Weekly patchs done for each 5 level. ?
  10. Deal or No Deal 12/17/17

  11. Country Guide

    Lose rep and GB
  12. Stun Lock

    I agree
  13. Player of the month - November

    Maitreya frand
  14. Economy

    Arch should drop some coins and gold So ppl will run for quest instead afk with pets in sulin and forest Collection dropping bullion will also be good idea . But don't make anything drop too much . it will flood .
  15. Quests

    for quest , u gotto check the town after every lvl up. you can use the kep M and see this mark "!" in golden color. which means u have a quest over there. and taels are some world drop items. which gives coins if u sell them at any npc shop