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  1. Few suggestions

    hi just wondering if there is a way that an area or map can be added for people to go lvl there guardian pets up. at the moment i know of a few people who have tried to do their quests like kill gong gong etc but cant because you have people just sitting there letting their pet kill everything in site to lvl their pet yes i understand why but makes it hard for the lower levels to finish their quests
  2. New Fashions

    Admin-Natrix this is the one i was talking about
  3. So you want to start your own school ?

    Doc or someone i have my school and i have the following craft, flag, forge, internal and external halls all lvl 1 then tai xuan, wall, warehouse, fame hall and collection field lvl3. chi shang fang lvl 2 and finally wing room and yard beautification at lvl 6 now it wont let me upgrade or do anything more till i upgrade the school to lvl 3 but can't seem to do that am i missing something thought i followed the above document right
  4. looking

    Hi I am a returning player from a while back played in 2009 then again in 2012 and now back again looking for a school that will help me remember parts of the game I have forgotten and help me learn the new parts I try and play daily love grinding, farming and making my own gear and fashion