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  1. Hello everyone, We are coming up on our one year anniversary, and we want to take this time to show you all our appreciation for your support during this first year. For 10 days starting Friday the 17th of August we will be doing a player appreciation week. The following will take place during the this time Daily Giveaways on Discord Special prizes given for GM hosted events School war event 8/19 Free items given at random times throughout the week to online toons. Random boss spawn events Item mall discounts throughout out the week. Donation specials PTR server will open from 8/24- 8/26 for a first look at some of the new feature maps for the 100 cap. (At this time new content will not yet be available for testing this is just to check out the new grinding zone and town) Hope you all will join us for this next week of fun. Thank you all for the support and dedication you have shown to us over this past year, We know that it was hard for many of you to accept the choice that was made with the merging of two servers and creation of a new server, but we have all survived, and we will continue to work hard to make this server awesome. Without all of you we would not be here.
  2. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    On Sunday August 19th at 12:00 PM server time we will be hosting an Anonymous school war event. For this event each person that participates will be given an toon that has been created based on your class and gender request. You are only allowed to use items provided to you during the event. You can not port your own personal player toon onto the designated map, nor can you leave the map at any time. We will divide everyone that participates into two teams on the day of the event. Teams will be divided evenly based on the number of players that participate on the day of. Each toon created will be level 80, you will be given a set of both class armor (With no effect) and Divine level 80 armor. Each toon will also be provided tokens that can be used to spend at the shops on the designated map for items such as Universe herbs and Transform cards of your choice. Relics will not be provided for the these toons, you will have Ring, Amulet and Trinkets available to you. Hidden weapons will not be allowed for this event. Each person that shows up on the day of event and participates from start to finish will be rewarded with gold and coins, the winning school will gain a bonus prize and higher gold and coin amount. REGISTRATION WILL END ON SATURDAY 6:00PM SERVER TIME To join the event please post your In game name as well as the Class and gender you would like your toon to be made. *You do not get to pick the look or name of the toons this will be random upon character creation. Hope you see you all there.
  3. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    I have to agree with you, I am not much for PVP but I don't really care for people that do things like this.
  4. United Survival Games

    Very soon we will be hosting the first ever United Survival Games. This will be a pvp event done on the event server. You will form 2 person teams and offer yourselves as tributes. You will start with only minimum items, and you will have a chance to gather resources that will help you, such as materials to craft better Weapons/Gear, healing potions, hidden weapons and a rear chance to get items like lion toys or scapegoats. The last man standing will be the winner. Winners will get a very nice prize as well as recognition on main server. I hope you all will enjoy this event. More details on the event and event date will be released soon.
  5. Suggestions for Level 100 Cap

    Hello Everyone, We have began to plan out our Level 100 cap. Now traditionally the progression of this would be to go to mangrove, The boat map, and the hill. We will not be doing that, this cap will included a new grinding zone, new Instance and new town. We are tossing out the rule book and adding in things we feel would make the game better. We would like to give you all a chance to offer your opinions on what you would like to see happen with this cap. We are going outside the box on this one because we don't want to do the same old song and dance time and time again. We have a lot of work ahead of us, right now we have an idea of when we plan to do the cap, but we will not make any announcements as the time frame could change for many various reasons. We know that there are a few things from our current cap that remain unfinished such as Imperial Transmog and Treasure boxes, and we are working to get all of those things done asap. With the current cap, we gated the cap with 5 new levels each week, along with new content each week, that did not work out the way that we planned, we did it that way so that we could get the cap out faster, this time around however, we are going to do a much more completed patch, so we are not left trying to rush between the 5 level gaps to complete content. Everything we do is learned by trial and error. We have a lot of exciting new ideas that will come with the new cap, this time around we will be sharing more of what we do as we complete different areas of the patch, and give you all more chances to provide your feedback. At this time we do not plan to do a public PTR test group, most of the time this don't work out well at all because we have learned that many people to do not take part in PTR to help better the game, but more so to see what's new and play around for their own reasons. So the point of this post is to provide you all with some insight on where we stand, and also to provide you all with the chance to start offering suggestions. Things you think we can improve upon. Some things we know that we need to find ways to make better would be a stronger focus on PVP in game. We know that there are many people that do not wish to PVP at the same time, but there are many people that like that challenge, and we are fully open to suggestions on how we can improve in this area. One thing I would also really like to do is revive the market, More cat shops and to see players more dependent on each other to get what they need, we have some ideas already on how we can do this, and I really think that you all will enjoy them. We are going to be changing up how gear works for the next cap, doing something that you all may not expect from us, but in the end I think it's going to be a much better system then the current G,E,R type system that the game offers. I do not want to give away to many details yet, but I can say that I really want this patch to be EPIC and WAY outside the box. Please provide any suggestions you have here on this thread. Please if you have skill change suggestions however we ask that you post them under the appropriate classes, in that part of the forum. Thank you for your time, we are very excited for the future of WOKF and we hope you are as well. This image is the new instance that we are working on for the level 100 Cap. This will be done much different then any instance the game currently has to offer.
  6. Buff!!

    We will look into making these changes, thank you both for your suggestions.
  7. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    None of the changes were made based on personal feelings about any one class. We will review your suggestions, thank you for your post.
  8. Easter Event 2018

    New Effect Options Butterfly Effect Mist Effect New Titles Peep Easter bunny Bunny In Egg Butterfly Cracked Easter Basket Easter Fairy Killer bunny Easter Nightmare Easter Fashions Easter Loot Pets Bouncefish Skipfish Flower Easter Mounts
  9. Custom Item Assistant Wanted

    Hello Everyone, We are currently looking for someone with skills in photoshop to assist with creation of custom items such as fashions and titles. Normally I take care of this but with some of the things that we have going on it would be nice to have someone to assist me with certain tasks. We could use help to create fresh new item mall fashions as well. This position doesn’t require that you are a full time player, this is not a staff position, this will be someone working directly with me (Natrix) to assist me in updates to fashions and other tasks. Skills in video editing would also be a plus. Compensation for this position would be discussed upon interview. I will be attaching a file and you will be asked to edit a fashion and save it in the correct .dds format as well please submit one title of your choice (you must create this title on your own) in both .png and .dds formats. All of this as well as a discretion of your skills, and why you are interested in this position can be sent to worldofkungfuunited@gmail.com Please use the subject line “Custom item assistant” in the email. If you have an video links of videos you have done in the past please also submit those in the email. (Please download the files provided in this link from mega, Instructions for what you are expected to do with them can be found in the folder) https://mega.nz/#!zhsjBLDK!ec-8uIKn8jYtCkgowZA0YxMQqv2JeU9TZ_09mJvrMUQ Thank you for your time and consideration, Admin Natrix.
  10. It recently came to our attention that the couples cultivation skill was not working at it should be. Unfortunately it was giving less experience when it should have actually be increasing when you are out with our spouse. We have looked for a solution to fix the skill directly but can not see anything actually wrong with it. There was a change made to the skill where it gave you at level 1 a 25% bonus experience Buff when activating the Skill, this buff can be stacked with Experience charms. However level 2 and level 3 gave a 75% and 120% Experience charms that can not stack with other experience charms. The original Couples Cultivation was 5, 10 and 15% boost while in team and within range of your spouse. You now get a 25% exp boost at level one. If you have learned level 2 & 3 you can claim a refund of 250 Gold, You must provide a screenshot to us to claim this refund showing that you had the skill, in the screenshot you MUST show your name and your skill table identifying that it's the level 3 skill. In the item mall, the Level 2 and Level 3 skill books will be removed as well as the wedding packs, and the Luxury Engagement ring will now cost 175 Gold in place of only 100 Gold, this is because when married you now have a 25% bonus exp charm that you can use with or without your spouse present, be aware that this experience will work with experience charms but will not stack with any GB. To claim a refund please contact me on discord. Below is a sample of what your screenshot must look like
  11. Love is in the Air Event

    Titles Fashions Mount Loot Pet
  12. Imperial Coin Zone - In this area you will find NPCs for Imperial Gold Coin Purchases Imperial Transmog Master ( 265 402) Imperial Coin Merchant ( 270 430) DDQ Dungeon Quest Master (181 279) Fashion Upgrade - In this area you will find NPCs needed to upgrade Basic Item mall fashion to [G] Fashion Elementary Fashion Refiner (42 209) - Upgrade Item mall fashions Elementary Custom Fashion Refiner (42 321) - Upgrade custom made fashions Title Shop - Titles can be purchased here Player Title Store (130 187) Tailor Goods - Used to purchase items needed to make self made fashions items as well as upgrade item mall fashions. Tailoring Goods Trader (111 175) Exchange NPs - This area will allow you to Exchange Transform card and item mall fashions Transformation Exchange (136 163) Fashion Exchange (158 161) - This NPC can also be used to unbind item mall fashion Fashion Dye - Dye for Self made fashions can be purchased or crafted here Fashion Dye Store ( 192 172) Fashion Dye Crafter (192 177) Tailor - here you will make Self made fashions Tailor (159 178) Transmog Area - This area is used to change the look of your weapons (Currently this system is still being worked on and no items have been added yet ) Spear Transmog Master (187 114) Fist Transmog Master (196 115) Sword Transmog Master (203 115) Staff Transmog Master (205 105) Hammer Transmog Master (199 104) Bow Transmog Master (193 104) Hook Transmog Master (187 105) Fas Transmog Master (182 104) Broadsword Transmog Master (178 103) Arch Area - Here you will accept Arch Quests as well as use your Arch rep for items Archaeologist: Ming Wei (132 99) Vender Archaeologist: Jin Qiu (106 97) Take Quest Wisdom Token Quests - Here you can accept the Refine the Divine quest 10 times per day at the cost of one wisdom token per quest Ye Xian (61 78) - Will not show quest Icon (!) Reward Zone - In this area you can use reward tokens from quests and GM hosted events to purchase items. Event Reward Shop (208 44) - Event Reward Tokens (GM hosted Events) Daily Reward Shop (195 43) - Daily Quest Reward Tokens Quest Reward Shop (193 62) - Quest Reward Token Qin Quest Token Rewards Shop (208 64) - Qin Quest Token Daily Qin Rewards Shop (214 63) Qin Daily Quest Token Teleportation Zone - Here you will find various teleport stones to take you to other maps free of charge. Bizhou Portal Stone (287 48) Jingchuan Portal Stone (288 64) Shoudu Portal Stone (288 88) Yicheng Portal Stone (290 106) Taoyuan Portal Stone (310 65) Inside Building Guardian Pet Sanctuary Portal ( 305 118) - Not yet Open Wedding Area - We have added Perm decorations here to help players celebrate in game marriages Matchmaker (362 51) Material Processing - Area to Process Trees/Herbs/Ores Collected in game Lumber Processing Master (395 124) Ore Processing Master (408 123) Herb Processing Master (420 121) Jewelry Crafting - This is where you can upgraded Amulets, Trinkets and Rings found in world boss drops Trinket Refiner ( 460 121) Ring Refiner (470 121) Amulet Refiner (479 121) Refining Zone - Here you will find all NPCs needed to create and Refine armor and weapons Weaponsmith (442 105) Armorer (443 90) Elementary Weapon Refiner (442 72) Elementary Armor Refiner (443 60) Crafting Goods Store (430 56) Divine Token Exchange (432 63) Intermediate Weapon Refiner (412 77) Intermediate Armor Refiner (411 85) Advanced Weapon Refiner (411 104) Advanced Armor Refiner (419 104) Forging Zone - Here you can forge armor and weapons as well as repair broken gear and create forging vouchers Forging Voucher Creator (455 92) Forging Voucher Smith (465 89) Gold Forging Smith Zang Hou (473 84) Mendie the Mender (468 72) Class Armor Area- Here you will create and refine Class armor Class Armor Dissasibler (445 154) Class Armor Set Craftsman (454 153) Elementary Class Armor Refiner (465 153) Intermediate Class Armor Refiner (477 154) Advanced Class Armor Refiner (492 153) School Zone - Here you will find NPCs related to Schools Legendary School Manager (358 225) School Rankings Manager (357 242) Imperial City School Manger (398 272) Arena - Here you can teleport to the arena Arena Manager (382 235) Apothecary & Taoist Imperial Apothecary ( 426 215) Create or purchase Balms to resort MP/HP Imperial Taoist (427 251) Daily Zone - Here you can receive and exchange Daily items and Daily rep tokens Daily Shelter Charm (324 270) Daily Reward Exchange (319 272) Kung Fu Notebook Exchange (320 220) Temple - Teleport to the Qigong Temple Qigong Temple Manger (376 153) Other NPCs Imperial General Goods (322 237) Imperial Warehouse Keeper (230 228) Imperial Pawnbroker (230 246) Imperial Postmaster (229 264) Imperial Inn Keeper (308 172) Portal will take you to Liuhe
  13. Quests Level 60-80