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  1. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    Do you wear shelter when you do arch or go into a pvpable map? If you say NO, then we can debate. If you say Yes, then wtf does safe zone has to do with anything? it is moot.
  2. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    Frankly, I think you are confused and your thought process is all over the place. You seem to have a big problem with shelter charm and nothing to do with my suggestion. You don't like an extra buff with your shelter, then don't wear one. I'll see you personally to offer you a one way ticket back to town.
  3. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    Let me get this straight, your ultimate conclusion is "To address your final question, no, we shouldn't make the entire game non-pvp, but we SHOULD allow players to choose whether they want to pvp or not. Until shelters do not use a buff slot, players should not have their safety options reduced by removal of safe zones." Are you telling me, when you go outside, you don't wear shelter, but just move from safe stone to safe stone because a shelter will give you 1 extra buff?
  4. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    1. Not everyone wants to PVP, but removing safe zones forces people to play or pay? This does not logically follow. So, you are saying without safe zone you can't play? 2. Sure, people will always abuse any opportunity to get an advantage. But that's the nature of people. So, we should accept that and do nothing, even if it is a simple fix? 3. Until shelters don't use a buff slot, they can be a pain in the arse if all you want to do is kill arch bosses who can drop a couple of de-buffs on you in a flash. So, are you suggesting that we shouldn't have shelter in game? 4. There are plenty of other things that need attention before thinking about exposing PVE players to PVP predators. So, removing safezones exposes people to predator, but not needing shelter wouldn't? I am confused. You are at one end saying that shelter charm is a pain and you are claiming that safe zones in a limited area protect people from being attacked? So, the question, should we make the whole game non-pvp?
  5. Few suggestions

    3 seconds is better than the current effects
  6. Few suggestions

    How about make the spear glass grant 5 second of heavenly phoenix when attacking?
  7. I would like to suggest that we remove all safe zones from game. Shelter is plentiful....and you use archaeology room to teleport into the map at random location. So what's the point of safe zones? Lately, certain schools just hide in safe zones, then attack and withdraw into it. I don't think such a tactics should be available to "pvper".