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    Hello, As most people are aware of, there were couple of players that had mentioned of bow being a class that is In need of major improvements so after talking to couple of bow players , and going back and forth through different suggestions. The discussion was mainly about it having low defense and armor alongside the damage being low as compared to how it is intended to be. 1.Dragon Fly feet - Increases Movement speed by 30% Defense by 3000 Armor by 1500 The reason for such a high amount in increase is due to it already havi g relatively low amounts of defense compared to the attack, and damage values of other classes , plus other classes are in a better situation with their damage scaling as well so that counts to. 2. Celestial wolf arrow - Decreases targets defense and armor by 20% , the extrernal damage on this skill needs to be raised s as well, it consumes 100 aggression but the damage on it is just not on par. 3. Peony Blossom Blow -Type be changed to single target, consumes 50 agression and have a fixed internal damage of 750 , and the external damage to be the same as it is now. 4. Monkey Kings flame arrow - Decreases targets hp by 285 per second for 10 seconds, cool down 25 seconds. aggression cost 0 . This skill should have it's type changed to target aoe and have a range of 10 5. nine stars dartle - Deals 80 damage per second for 10 seconds , can be stacked up to 3 times. 6. Red scorpion arrow - decreases targets mp by 375 per second and generates 20 agression. 7. Stone monkey arrow- Reduces targets movement speed by 70% and generates 20 agression. 8. Stealthy Panda blow - the damage scaling on this should be increased , as this skill requires a bow to get close enough to stun the target, so it is justified