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  1. Suggestions for Level 100 Cap

    ------------------------------HOOK_------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Make hook a secondary buff/healer class (hook will heal less than fan but it will not have the debuffs fan should get on healing (if thats added)) -Give Hook the fan cleanse (death pearl removal) to make hook a viable boss alt -Toy with the hook aggression drain and damage to make it viable in pvp ( a good counter to staff) -If possible to think about giving hook a stun removal (would make them very interesting in pvp) -----------------------------STAFF------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Increase the poison damage (to allow to penetrate defense buffs) -Reduce the cooldown on the aggression buff -Increase the damage of Crazed Ox to make it a viable pvp skill -----------------------------SPEAR------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Lower the cooldown of Lucky Dragon Thrust to give spear a good DPS combo (also lower its damage if needed) -Keep Spear a low stun class but give them a stun escape tool (like the staff anti stun buff to make them a glass cannon type class) -Toy with the damage on spear skills (and if possible their critical chance) -Lower cooldown of Monkey King Defiance (but also lower the lasting time to 3/4 seconds) -----------------------------FAN--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Healing has a debuff on the fan -Fan buffs last less time 5/10 minutes making multi clienting harder -General decrease in fans defense to make for a more squishy class -Balancing the healing debuff by adding healing self healing on a dps skill (if possible) ----------------------------SWORD------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Give sword a movement speed increase buff (on self if possible) which allows them to reposition / kite -Monkey King's Swiftness should have its cooldown reduced to allow sword to use skills while moving without having to go through long casts -Changing sword from a CC based class to a movement based class(kiting) -Reducing the cooldown and possibly increasing the range of the teleport (a 10 second cooldown would be ideal) Combo idea: Monkey kings swiftness > long cast skill > teleport > long cast skill > CC
  2. Suggestions for Level 100 Cap

    -All balances should be considered with Multi-Clienting in mind -Perma stun shouldnt be a thing and instead should be used as utility -A counter for BS should be made (something that can kill BS consistantly) for example Spear -Fan healing should have a debuff on the fan (like the staff aggression debuff or reducing their armor by a certain amount) -Staff poison should be increased to at least 300 per tick -Bow perma snare should be removed(fixed) -Less popular classes should be given buffs/utility that makes them more useful (better stuns / tanking capability or other) -The power should be redestributed between all classes instead of just BS/Staff/Fan -Hook/Fan buffs should be reduced from 1 hour / 30 minutes to 5/10 minutes to prevent multi client buffing