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    shofear staff male
  2. Class gear effect bug

    With a full set of class gear, you can't auto run your toon. Every time you are attacked you stop running. The -20% speed effect causes it, have to ditch a piece when i need to auto run to a spot. Can this be looked into? Thank you.
  3. Golden Qi Strike

    This skill is pretty useless, never use it. Would be cool if it could be changed to an AOE, with the effects of BS's Mystic Sage Sword. Staff could use another AOE for better crowd control in PVP battles. Something like this, the original animation of Golden Qi would be awesome too.
  4. LVL 80 Divine Staff effect

    This staff effect.
  5. LVL 80 Divine Staff effect

    The effect on the Divine staff needs to be changed in my opinion, it's a defensive buff and should be activated when being attacked, not attacking. Like the effect on my cuffs, being attacked activates 30% defense, then when i attack it switches to my offensive crit buff. Thank you.