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  1. Think it’s a bug lol

    Fate’s Jeweled Necklace and Colourful Waistband effect doesn’t work together
  2. Hook Skills That Can Be Buff

    Can you guys buff these skills? Vicious Wolf Slash to do a decent amount of dmg before the poison takes effect would be nice. Savage Dragon Sickle do needs more dmg. Tiger Soul Slash if possible to drain more MP from target. Hooked Lightning if possible can do some poison and buff the additional dmg from 600 to 1000 would be good
  3. If possible you guys should make the healing skill to restore at least 1k and the mana to restore 1.5k around there.
  4. Flying Rabbit Feet

    Instead of Decreasing armor why not increase it like bow hehe
  5. Thundering Tiger Roar

    Think thiss skill does not work and the CDR is too long 4min. Plz remake this skill if possible.
  6. Jade Emperor's Will

    Can this skill get additional buff like a Critical Buff added to it as will? Make it similar to Bow's Eagle Eye Technique.
  7. Fan Skills

    the new aoe skill is too big hits everything its a no no for doing arch n so cause sometime u just wanna try to hit the boss only not everything around it
  8. Auto Attacking

    Think there is an error with one of hooks skill ...Twin Hell Nightmare and the auto attack interrupted each other making the skill dont work?