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  1. Absorption pearls

    Before the implementation of the 61-80 level update, Advanced Absorption gems were useful for saving Exp for later. But, they only create Experience Gems for use up to level 59. There should be versions that allow for exp to be useful for 60-79, and/or for saving experience for use once the next expansion is implemented. It seems that plenty of players are already at level 80, with meridians filled, with 100% experience and the top level gear that they want. It would be useful to be able to save experience for use later so something like Advanced Experience Pearls would be very handy.
  2. Having trouble getting started ? Try this tried and tested guide to getting to level 60 the easiest way .. WOKF Fast Level Guide.txt
  3. SO, you're thinking about starting your own school ? Well, here's DocDemented's guide to doing so. Just download this handy guide and get ready to go ! WOKF School guide.txt
  4. Greater Aggression Pill

    I made the mistake of using this pill in combat. While the description of this item says it has a cooldown of 30 seconds, it actually prevents you from using other pills such as the Greater Dragon Balm for 30 seconds minus the cooldown of the second pill. In this case, 30 secs - 3 secs. 27 seconds is a LONG time to try to stay alive while being pounded by a boss. Is this intended behaviour, or an unexpected consequence ?
  5. My Sweetheart" Daily Quest

    Fixed !! Thanks Admins !!
  6. My Sweetheart" Daily Quest

    Further to this post, I've also found issues with "The Ginseng Soup" and "The Powder In The Water" quests. The Ginseng Soup quest won't allow me to select the skeleton at the location referenced in Step one (Yicheng 489:554). The Powder quest doesn't seem to allow me to do anything at the well referenced in the instructions (Yicheng 670:454) although I accept that I may be doing something wrong or not have some unknown item in my inv. I have a bottle, and a gourd and a bowl, but can't think of anything else that might be used. Both quests are close to my toon level, so I'm at a bit of a loss ....
  7. My Sweetheart" Daily Quest

    I have this quest and have now killed 11 bosses at levels from 12 below to 1 above, and still haven't gotten a "Sweetheart Grass". I suspect this quest may be bugged. I've deleted and restarted the quest, but that hasn't fixed the problem. Although the drop appears to be minimal, I'd still like to finish it at least once.
  8. Bonus Objective: Ancient Xia Tomb

    If you have the daily objective quest "Refine the Divine" at L40-49 which also requires you to kill Terracotta Warriors, when you kill them, it won't count toward your 25 kills. Some other quests allow multiple quests with the same objective, so this seems a bit quirky. Only if you don't have the daily quest, will the Bonus quest work.