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  1. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    What're the chances of next time around, allowing spectator toons ? No weapons or gear, just a supply of bound shelters.
  2. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    @Admin-EdenostThe only people why care whether someone is sheltered are those who want to PK them. In such a case, not being able to do so should be a bit of a giveaway. Certainly, being unable to remove a shelter isn't a bad thing. PK players would just never use them, and gee, they'll just have to adjust. The only benefit of an effect is to tell the player themselves when their shelter has expired (which isn't a bad thing, of course)..
  3. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    When I have the choice, no I don't wear a shelter. When there a dozen JustPK players and a dozen Wanted or VU characters playing silly buggers in the same map, then hell yes.
  4. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    My thought processes are straight, it's only you who doesn't follow. As I said, if you want to school war, do it somewhere there aren't safe zones. Problem solved. Removing safe zones entirely is a pointless exercise that benefits only a few. My point about shelters has obviously passed well over your head so I won't bother trying to explain further. A one-way ticket back to town ? Is that some sort of threat intended to intimidate me ? Gosh, I'm quaking ....
  5. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    I'm saying that it's pretty one-sided that I have to sacrifice a buff just so that a PKer won't take me out while I'm arching just so they can take my boss. If you want non-safezone areas for your school squabbles, have your fights in areas far removed from safe zones (like 90% of DM or FP) but don't change the entire game just so YOU can play how & where YOU want. To hell with anyone else seems to be your attitude.
  6. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    Either you play PVP, or pay one way or another to avoid being taken out by whoever wanders by. It's a simple fix for stopping schools from taking advantage of safe zones, but that's the only thing it fixes. Sure, if school wars are the only thing you're concerned with, but that's a pretty narrow view of a game that's supposed to be a rich and varied environment. Hell, we could make cars safer by making them unable to travel more than 10mph, but nobody wants that. Same thing. What I'm suggesting is that players who don't want to be taken out by any PKer while they're playing the environment have to choose between being protected from that, and having some of the plentiful buffs available that help with that aspect of the game. I didn't think I could be more clear, but I'll take a shot at it. Yes, I could wear a shelter, and prevent the likelihood that players will roll along and PK me while I go to the bathroom, or make my lunch, or whatever. Or I could go back to town and waste time coming and going. Yes I could spend my arch rep on landmarks and choose where I can drop my ONLY save location. Why should EVERY player be restricted in what they can and can't do, specifically what map they can be safe in without fear of a shelter expiring while they're not watching, simply because some people choose to exploit safe zones. To address your final question, no, we shouldn't make the entire game non-pvp, but we SHOULD allow players to choose whether they want to pvp or not. Until shelters do not use a buff slot, players should not have their safety options reduced by removal of safe zones.
  7. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    Speaking for myself, I don't agree. Not everyone wants to PVP, but removing safe zones forces people to play or pay. Sure, people will always abuse any opportunity to get an advantage. But that's the nature of people. Until shelters don't use a buff slot, they can be a pain in the arse if all you want to do is kill arch bosses who can drop a couple of de-buffs on you in a flash. Sure, take off the meridian glow and don't use a looter, and don't have a relic that randomly drops on an additional buff, and don't use gear that can also randomly give you an extra buff, but that's sacrificing some aspects of the game for others. There are plenty of other things that need attention before thinking about exposing PVE players to PVP predators.
  8. Country Guide

    Looks like I'll never want to be king. Tourney runs from 5am to 6am my local time. I don't think my citizens would be happy to lose every war.
  9. PK Debt

    Looking around town, all one sees is a sea of white names. It's too easy to simply pay off your blood debt. It shouldn't be so easy. Or cheap. Another thought. Would it be possible to flag players with PK points in the list of who's in the map ? Forewarned is forearmed.
  10. Just one suggestion ...

    Fix the forging system. Can't activate vouchers in school, failure rate is abominable, whether you have zero craft rep or the max 200k makes no difference .. Advanced Craftsman charms also seem to make no difference. If anything, the failure rate is higher when using them. And Gold Forging vouchers are insanely expensive. 1500 gold doesn't even get you enough vouchers to forge ONE item, let alone a set of 6. It's a mess and needs attention.
  11. So, you've picked up heaps of relic power tokens and no idea what to do with them ? No worries .. this is the guide for you. WOKF Relic System.txt
  12. Absorption pearls

    Before the implementation of the 61-80 level update, Advanced Absorption gems were useful for saving Exp for later. But, they only create Experience Gems for use up to level 59. There should be versions that allow for exp to be useful for 60-79, and/or for saving experience for use once the next expansion is implemented. It seems that plenty of players are already at level 80, with meridians filled, with 100% experience and the top level gear that they want. It would be useful to be able to save experience for use later so something like Advanced Experience Pearls would be very handy.
  13. Having trouble getting started ? Try this tried and tested guide to getting to level 60 the easiest way .. WOKF Fast Level Guide.txt
  14. SO, you're thinking about starting your own school ? Well, here's DocDemented's guide to doing so. Just download this handy guide and get ready to go ! WOKF School guide.txt