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  1. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    Armor decrease because we dont have a skill that does that or i could go with same as spear skill decrease mp hp by 500 or has a chance too
  2. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    i think the speed decrease is bad as well since we already got a teleport skill that does that
  3. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    not what i was told when asked about it the first time but thank you
  4. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    numbers can be worked but im sure these effects are better than the garbage we got because someone doesn't like getting pked by a BS
  5. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    Swap effects suggestion - Decrease targets hp and mp by 300 sec for 15 secs -Disable caster from casting skills for 5 secs - Increase attack for 15 percent for 10 secs - Decrease targets defense by 20 percent for 10 secs
  6. I personally would like the choice between the original effects and newer effects . With the newer effects some are broken while others got the short end of the stick .
  7. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    Unfair how i was told that BS got those stats to help where they was be lacking. Cant be said the same for Spear or hammer or bow or hook.
  8. Divine lvl 80 weapon

    Can we swap the lvl 80 divine to increase attack by 20 percent or decrease armor by 25 percent . As they are right now they are garbage and unfair and clearly onesided on who made them.
  9. Legendary School Event


    Can i suggest the buff from this event actually gives you a buff with some type of stat increase and not some space filler you cant get rid of or the option to get rid of the buff cause it takes up extra slots
  10. AoE skill

    Change the animation or casting time on the lower lvl skills so its easier for swords to grind and not have to wait till lvl 50