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  1. Deal or No Deal 12/17/17

  2. How can we make the server better?

    I think the arch items could be modified a bit with the drop rate for the arch items. It doens't need to be crazy high. But right now it seems a bit too low on the arch items. Maybe put them in the item mall for maybe 25-50 gold each so players can buy them with gold. And it would help the daily tokens be worth more for players maybe. That way they will be worth more for players as well.
  3. Economy

    I think that maybe if the arch quest actually had a decent drop rate for gold. Then people would for one have more of a incentive to do the quest. And for two it would be a better way to get gold that having to do ddqs for them.
  4. Deal Or No Deal Event

  5. Anonymous School War Event 11/5/17

    Name: Mark Class : Staff
  6. I think it would be a good idea to add the buffs from hook and hammer and make them last half an hour to an hour so people with weaker gears can level easier. And possibly sword too if they add any stats.
  7. Sobering Beads quest drops 2 Beads per kill. But only used one of them.
  8. Arrow-Flower 3 (1/6) One day passed, go to Yu Rang<<=(85,245,183)><linkstart=0>Xitang Forest,1228,1187<linkend><=(146,243,255)>> Quest has the wrong name.
  9. Taoyuan Innkeeper crashes the client.
  10. The 200 Fruit quest for guardian pets you can't get the items from any mob or boss.
  11. The duplicate quest for the shield lords has a wrong name. To be a Warrior (2/3): Speak to Jie Ziting in Chao Zhi Sewer. <<=(85,245,183)><linkstart=0>Chao Zhi Sewer, 1172,971<linkend><=(146,243,255)>>
  12. Quest Bug

    I still have the wonder pen after turning in the quest for the wonder pen.