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  1. Elder scholar Escape

    Defense boost is for any extra mobs that you might pull while running away and it's not exactly a small boost, it is 50%. I do agree the skill is not very useful, but it's not meant to be a pvp skill either. Rather than modifying it slightly it might fair better to be completely redone into something more useful.
  2. Elder scholar Escape

    Elder Scholar Escape is meant to be a PvE emergency skill, as the escape in the name suggests. Bow has extremely poor defense and HP and the skill is for those times when you're grinding or farming and are close to death, it removes threat so mobs stop attacking you and you can try to get away instead of dying. The defense boost is there to aid in survival as you run away.
  3. Hammer SLB

    This should resolve itself with the new cap assuming the skill isn't modified. At level 80 the debuff lasts 6 seconds.
  4. Can't start Quest Level 15 Arrive Yicheng

    There was an issue with the quest that was causing problems for unknown reasons, as such it was disabled. It is a very minor quest and can easily be ignored anyway.
  5. Whacked God's Eyes Charm

    There is a good reason God's Eyes charm is OP for 60 cap. That's because it is not a 60 cap item. It didn't even exist in 60 cap official files. I think it came out either 100 cap or maybe even 120. It was never designed for the lower cap, definitely not 60. Not sure about 80.
  6. Craft Training Bug

    I know the personal cost is 100 mil to pay for the contribution (If you pay for it all, quests give some I believe) I meant from the fund. If it takes 30k each time then to go to max would take about 60 mil from the fund. I wasn't clear on what I meant when I said the 60 mil thing, apologies.
  7. Craft Training Bug

    I can look into where to find the amount but it's up to the others whether they change it or not. 30k x 100 rep indicates it would cost about 60 million coins to max out rep. Which might seem like a lot right now, but as time goes by and more content that gives coins is added, especially as the cap raises it will become less significant.