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  1. Client start

    The server is located in Ontario Canada, a VPN is probably going to slow your connection down even more. Your ping is just based on your distance from the connection.
  2. Interface Problem

    Press Ctrl + F11, also you'll get quicker support if you join us on Discord
  3. Problems in Stone Forest

    Higher loot rate which its at 15x right now will increase your chances for lag. Loot pets pick up the same pace that you can pick up, 1 item at a time. The server processes each thing it does in order 1 at a time.
  4. Game Freezes after Selecting Character

    If you're using Windows Defender you need to add the client folder as an exclusion. That will help with loading times. On Windows 10 Windows Defender scanning causes the loading times to be much longer. The client will act like it's not responding but it will eventually load in.
  5. Sugges about hidden weapons

    I like the crafting option, even potentially make new ones or ways to upgrade weapons or even a way to make the hidden weapon into a skill or something. The pvp part of the game needs expansion.
  6. What are things we did in this expansion that you were not happy about? How can we improve on it?
  7. Title explains what I'm looking for. I'm curious as to what the players have liked that we've done and what they would like to see brought into the next expansion.
  8. Sugges about hidden weapons

    I'm just saying that if certain materials needed to make certain items required say being top/elite school in collection field to buy or even from country war have npc that sells something only that day during that time would increase the value of those items and might entice other players to participate. A bigger marker is better for the sure. Things aren't going to be as easy to come by on this new expansion as they have been in the past.
  9. Sugges about hidden weapons

    Unless fans develop the ability to remove debuffs ain't happening. Having collection field be an area were only specific materials could drop would create a bigger market for items to be bought and sold. But what would you have pvp reputation used for then? Keep in mind that no changes would be made until the level cap. Plenty of time for discussion.
  10. Orchid Spirit Breath

    Yeah, this will be fixed, had forgotten this was how it was originally.
  11. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    Shelter charm is always going to take up a buff spot but this whole conversation did get me thinking of a way to change how shelter charm is used. I can't say for sure atm but it is possible I could change it so it doesn't use a visible buff but I can also make it so that other players would be able to tell by an effect if a player has a shelter charm effect on. This would also fix the issue of players abusing the ability to turn shelter charm off whenever they want to during a fight to quickly kill someone seeing as you wouldn't be able to disable the shelter charm buff. For sure something that I will be thinking about for the level cap.
  12. Remove Safe Zones from all Maps

    I'm actually all for this. As you've said shelter charms are easy to get if you do archaeology. As it is right now mounts don't really have a use and I know we plan to do some type of upgrade for mounts in the level cap. We've already removed teleport stones as a drop item and honestly I'd like to phase out the teleport stone feature anyways. Mounts don't have much use right now If you can go where you need to with a click. We still have earth temples and other various ways to teleport. I know there will be some that won't agree with this but sometimes things need to change. The game needs more pvp and there are ways to avoid pvp if that is your choice.
  13. Few suggestions

    A 5-second shield is too much for the relic, in my opinion, 3 seconds would be something more doable. Keep in mind these relics will be getting updates in the level cap.
  14. Fan issues

    I don't recall any time that skill has worked 100%. Certain debuffs are just that, debuffs.
  15. BOW

    These suggestions on paper look fine but until I open up the files and go to do changes I can't say for sure. I'll get back with you once I've checked over the files.