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    Hello Everyone, I have had a good amount of people ask me if we planned to add the new self made fashion set options to the game, This is something that I would like to do for you all with the new level cap, but I would like to ask you all for your help. Let's face it, this game was not kind to male characters in terms of what armor looks like, and even some fashions are lacking. Females on the other hand have several nice options. What I am going to do is give you all a chance to submit what you think would make nice looking fashions sets, this is the self made fashion and would be like Pirate fashion or the Ladies fashion sets. The one major downside however is that helmets can not be made into fashion, So we can add base hair that can be dyed in the same way that I did for Genesis. Please submit images of armor sets, They can be mixed and matched if you feel they look better that way, and a possible name for that set here. I will take all the suggestions and put them to a vote, I plan to add 4 -5 new sets of self made fashion for each gender. You will be able to dye these fashions so the colors they currently are is not anything to worry about, and remember this is based on armor. If your suggestion is chosen you will get to name the fashion set. Thank you for your Support. Below are samples of fashions done in the past
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    forge system, arch system, box of new hope, customs tokens ( i didn't get any yet but i like it ) also those / rewards with quest token, qin quest reward, qin daily, daily, etc
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    Name BloodStaiN Class :Broadsword Divine set
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    LiYaDanG Broadsword Divine lvl79 set
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    Account name: Hyperion School war event name: Fury Class: Fan Equipments: Tier I Set.
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    If possible you guys should make the healing skill to restore at least 1k and the mana to restore 1.5k around there.
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    ------------------------------HOOK_------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Make hook a secondary buff/healer class (hook will heal less than fan but it will not have the debuffs fan should get on healing (if thats added)) -Give Hook the fan cleanse (death pearl removal) to make hook a viable boss alt -Toy with the hook aggression drain and damage to make it viable in pvp ( a good counter to staff) -If possible to think about giving hook a stun removal (would make them very interesting in pvp) -----------------------------STAFF------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Increase the poison damage (to allow to penetrate defense buffs) -Reduce the cooldown on the aggression buff -Increase the damage of Crazed Ox to make it a viable pvp skill -----------------------------SPEAR------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Lower the cooldown of Lucky Dragon Thrust to give spear a good DPS combo (also lower its damage if needed) -Keep Spear a low stun class but give them a stun escape tool (like the staff anti stun buff to make them a glass cannon type class) -Toy with the damage on spear skills (and if possible their critical chance) -Lower cooldown of Monkey King Defiance (but also lower the lasting time to 3/4 seconds) -----------------------------FAN--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Healing has a debuff on the fan -Fan buffs last less time 5/10 minutes making multi clienting harder -General decrease in fans defense to make for a more squishy class -Balancing the healing debuff by adding healing self healing on a dps skill (if possible) ----------------------------SWORD------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Give sword a movement speed increase buff (on self if possible) which allows them to reposition / kite -Monkey King's Swiftness should have its cooldown reduced to allow sword to use skills while moving without having to go through long casts -Changing sword from a CC based class to a movement based class(kiting) -Reducing the cooldown and possibly increasing the range of the teleport (a 10 second cooldown would be ideal) Combo idea: Monkey kings swiftness > long cast skill > teleport > long cast skill > CC
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    the 15% chance to increase defense by 25% is not a good effect to BS since we don't need defense. i would say make it decreas targets defense "like the old one" or maybe a new effect
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    Titles Fashions Mount Loot Pet
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    Three new fashions for each gender have been added. Each set included only 4 parts, Top, Legs, boots and Cuffs. No Helmets, but wigs have been added. Female Male To craft the fashions you will visit the Tailor found in the Imperial City (153 176) You will use the same materials that you would to make the original fashions, they will also need Secret Skill Book 2, This item can be found in the Imperial General Goods (322 238). Ling Fashion All Self made fashions can be upgraded to Liang at level 70, this will add additional stats to your fashions. Materials needed for Liang fashion Zijin Divine Stone - * Arch boss drops (70) Silk of Dragon Soul - *Arch boss Drop (70) Soul Stone - Purchased at the Imperial General Goods store (3,000,000) / purchased with Qin Quest Tokens (20) Fabrics needed can be found at the Tailoring goods shop near the Tailor in the imperial City. Wigs Wigs are also crafted at the tailor. Like the other fashions they are made in normal and can be upgraded to Liang versions. Wig pattern books are needed and can be found at the Imperial General Goods shop. Each one is a version of the hair options that you have when creating new characters and can be dyed to any color of your choice. There are 7 wig options for each gender.
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    United is still up and going strong and about to be releasing our first expansion.
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    all currently available female mall-fashions
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    additionally all new fashions
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