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    On Halloween I will be hosting the first deal or no deal event for this server. How the event works - One hour prior to the start of the event all players will be directed to this post to sign up for that days event. - You can only use one toon to play in the event. - Only the first 25 players to sign up will be accepted. When the event starts you will be asked to pick a number between 1 and 35, each number can be used only Once, So if someone has already chosen the number you would like, you will be asked to pick a different number. Once you pick your number I will offer you an item. This item may be rare and valuable, or it may be a common item with little value. You at that point can decided if you would like to accept that item, or you would like to take the alternate item associated with that same number. If you pick the second item, that item will not be announced, you will be asked to trade me and the secondary item will be placed in the trade window. Some of the items up for grabs this weekend may include - A halloween pet - Gold - Coins - Halloween event items - Divine armor tokens - And more I hope you all enjoy the event. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. ****To sign up for the event please post ONLY your in game name in this thread****
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    Hello Everyone, I have had a good amount of people ask me if we planned to add the new self made fashion set options to the game, This is something that I would like to do for you all with the new level cap, but I would like to ask you all for your help. Let's face it, this game was not kind to male characters in terms of what armor looks like, and even some fashions are lacking. Females on the other hand have several nice options. What I am going to do is give you all a chance to submit what you think would make nice looking fashions sets, this is the self made fashion and would be like Pirate fashion or the Ladies fashion sets. The one major downside however is that helmets can not be made into fashion, So we can add base hair that can be dyed in the same way that I did for Genesis. Please submit images of armor sets, They can be mixed and matched if you feel they look better that way, and a possible name for that set here. I will take all the suggestions and put them to a vote, I plan to add 4 -5 new sets of self made fashion for each gender. You will be able to dye these fashions so the colors they currently are is not anything to worry about, and remember this is based on armor. If your suggestion is chosen you will get to name the fashion set. Thank you for your Support. Below are samples of fashions done in the past
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    I want to vote for GS-BoiiBoii
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    Those are some suggestion i ge from some palyer :- New skill style by changing Their color and the effect when we hit ****** Puting New kind of Forge or New ways we can use to make our gears more stronger -make large grinding space ******if possible opening crypt and swmap lvl 60-80*****if possible to make instance more easyer and remove all those Deadly effect Like 30% hp losing and reducing ***** reduce the value to get envoy From 25k to 10k *****Re-Looking at weapens effect in evry class****adding new effect To gears**** make new rules for Pvp *****adding items at all boss in instance and all boss of wokf world ****adding sky pearl in general store ***** making new style of event in each weekend not only rate and double xp ***** i dont know what diffrence between heavy and light gears *****hope we will see good effect in class gears T1 or T2****craft reputation its suppose to be For get colored greas or fail chance so even we have higher reput still we fail *****econemy: plze fixe the prize of gold in catshop **** adding good Healing Pill not only for pvp but to heal while Killing boss's ****
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    WOKF is a small world and it has an economy. The economy is similar to that one of the Soviet Union in its beginning. The economy is closed – there are no other countries that deal with SU. Some lucky citizens have rich aunts who send them gold from abroad. The government lets the citizens work (grinding, quests, events) The government pays the citizens in different ways: in currencies and in natural goods. There are many currencies in: coins, gold, different kinds of reputation (arch, craft, collection and so on), ration cards (quest reward tokens, event reward tokens, daily quest…). Coins and gold are convertible currencies; the other ones aren’t or are convertible in a limited way. Most of the natural goods a citizen gets from the government (mob drops like hides, silk, furs, snail’s meat, steel hilts and so on) are useless and can be sold back to the government via NPC’s who are real bloodsuckers. Goods are produced only by government owned factories and sold by NPC’s and in the Item Mall at fixed prices. Common goods can be bought with coins; some luxury goods can be bought with reputation; most luxury goods can be bought with gold. So gold is the most desired currency. Private business isn’t forbidden but there is not much that could be produced and nothing that would be worth to be produced. Shops aren’t forbidden, but there are no goods worth to be traded. Cats mostly sell natural not processed goods (collected by killing mobs) that other lazy (but rich) citizens use to make quests without grinding. There are some currency exchange offices ran by cats (making coins and gold convertible). Sometimes the government tries to control the exchange rates and makes emergency purchase of gold (transferred by rich aunts from abroad) at prices that are distant from the current (black) market balance. It usually causes some panic and makes somebody richer (seldom) and somebody poorer (usually). After such purchase finishes some time is needed till the market finds his balance and citizens find the courage to buy/sell their treasury. Some people grind, some farm with pets. Some do quests, most do the Dungeon quest. The government cuts the salaries (lowers the drop). High rank citizens don’t even notice it and learn about it from newspapers. But low rank citizens have problems to develop quickly. The government looks for a way to help them to earn money faster, but without changing the salaries. That means a redistribution of wealth. The world forgot Karl Marx who said that the real measure of worth of goods is the toil and trouble (work) needed to create them. Money is just helpful while comparing and exchanging goods. ROBIN HOOD? The high level citizens are rich. The low level citizens need more money. Let us help the poor ones. Is it possible without robbery, taxes and community order? How to help the poor ones ? Wouldn’t it be nice to allow citizens to run their private business? To process natural goods to advanced goods, sell them to others and increase the Gross Domestic Product (funny, it’s equal to GNP here, as no citizens work abroad)? I remember I saw some WOKF worlds with remarkably more production and trade, dozens of cats in Liuhe dealing with a lot of goods. Even advanced shops were fully utilized and a customer could choose where to buy and at which price (some cats were real leeches). But there is some place for private business here. Goods can be produced. Citizens can show their enterprising spirit. But only in theory. Why? 1. GEAR Citizens can produce simple weapons and gear using wood, cotton, imperial clothes and so on. But there is no profit in such business because everybody can buy such weapons and gear cheaply in government owned gun shops. Even if it wasn’t so, the market for weapons and gear is very small. They are long lasting goods. It wouldn’t improve the economy significantly. 2. DISHES Citizens can cook (general store). But the dishes aren’t edible (mostly nearly useless) or impossible to cook because of lack of raw materials. 3. MEDICINE Citizens can produce useful medicine. But they don’t. Why? Because of no profit possible. I made a small research and collected herbs in Sulin Garden to find out, how long it would take to produce medicine. Here are the results of herb collection per hour (rounded; approximated, as that job was not very exciting and I made it just for 30 minutes; I didn’t buy anything for collection reputation, I had +20% moving speed; I collected herbs only; I used a lvl 50+ character which is immortal compared to mobs in Sulin, a lvl 20 collector would have probably 10-20% less productivity): herb pcs/h aloe 40 crane grass 4 crystal grass 28 dragon's beard 4 elderberry 40 jessamine 2 liquorice 40 night shade 4 red date 24 rhizome 40 sage moss 4 sanqi 40 wolfberry 36 total collected 306 And here are the calculated times needed to produce some selected medicine (time needed to collect the full number of the hardest-to-get component): medicine time to collect raw mats 30 dragon balms 320 HP/2s (160 HP/s) 0,5 hour 30 greater phoenix balms 450 HP/3s (150 HP/s) 4 hours 30 greater dragon balms 600 HP/3s (200 HP/s) 6,5 hours 30 lesser healing pills 900 HP/4s (225 HP/s) 4,4 hours 30 greater healing pills 1200 HP/4s (300 HP/s) 5 hours 30 lifeforce pills 1200 HP/8s (150 HP/s) 6,7 hours Can you imagine 5-6 hours of collecting? I can’t. Let’s assume a lvl 25-35 citizen can earn 30,000 coins per hour by making quests and selling loot to NPC’s. So one hour of collecting herbs costs 30,000 coins alternatively. Now let’s imagine he tries to be entrepreneurial and instead of grinding he spends his time collecting herbs and producing medicine. How high is his alternative production cost of these processed goods? medicine alternative cost of 1 piece 30 dragon balms 320 HP/2s (160 HP/s) 500 coins *) 30 greater phoenix balms 450 HP/3s (150 HP/s) 4,000 coins 30 greater dragon balms 600 HP/3s (200 HP/s) 6,500 coins 30 lesser healing pills 900 HP/4s (225 HP/s) 4,400 coins 30 greater healing pills 1200 HP/4s (300 HP/s) 5,000 coins 30 lifeforce pills 1200 HP/8s (150 HP/s) 6,700 coins *) half an hour grinding would give him 15,000 coins, he wants to earn the same with collecting and playing pharmacist; after that time he produces 30 balms; 15,000 coins divided by 30 pieces that he produces gives an alternative cost of 500 coins per piece; cost of tools ignored There is a huge market for dragon balms, but it costs 500 coins to produce one piece and the government sells them at 12 coins only. No business here (or: let us be happy to have such generous government). On the other hand advanced medicine (not produced by the government) is very hard to produce, it takes very long to get the raw materials which makes the alternative cost pretty high. Too high. I doubt if there was a big market for greater dragon balms sold at 7000 coins per piece (6500 plus a really small entrepreneurial bonus). There is probably no market at all for greater phoenix balms and lifeforce pills as they restore less HP per second than the cheap dragon balms. Lesser and greater healing pills don’t look so badly as they could be needed by high level killers (+225 and +300 HP/s; significantly better than the common medicine). I haven’t seen them on the market though. Has anybody tried to produce them? I guess citizens simply didn’t expect to make profit with them. So, what can the government do? Let citizens produce processed goods. And trade them. What kind of goods? The processed goods should be needed by all (at least most) players in a big number, therefore they should be consumable, destructible or temporary (or simple: not permanent like gear is). Big changes to SU’s constitution (game’s code) wouldn’t be accepted by the government. So let’s change easy things: items and their availability. A. Medicine Medicine restoring HP should be adjusted so that better (and more expensive) medicine restores more HP per second. I haven’t checked MP restoring medicine and other stuff, maybe they need some change too. The time needed to collect raw mats needed to produce medicine should be lower. If the market price of a balm restoring 180 or 200 HP/s would be 500 coins, a player about lvl 55 who earns about 100,000 coins per hour while grinding intensively, could afford max 200 balms for that. Expensive but affordable and (hopefully) worth that price. In order to make the market price about 500 coins per piece, the time needed to collect the raw mats should be lower than half an hour. So the number of ingredients or collect rates should be adjusted accordingly. If the government finds this idea interesting, I am open to discuss the times (the alternative cost of production) in detail (an example: see “E. Gear” hereafter). PROS: Low level players collect herbs. High level lazy players buy better medicine and concentrate on more important matters. Cats deal with herbs and advanced medicine (and earn money without grinding LOL). CONS: Introducing better medicine causes that bosses are easier to kill (probably their HP should be adjusted). The power gap between low level (poor) players and high level (rich) players using better medicine increases. The easier access to better medicine probably changes the power balance between the classes. B. Blessing of the Gods This postulate won’t be liked by citizens. The free Blessing of the Gods should be cancelled. It would be produced instead. The raw materials needed could be a mix of collected materials and loot dropped by low level mobs (or loot only). In order to get such loot low level players would have to grind hardly, high level players would kill easy but with a very low drop rate. I wouldn’t mind to pay 10,000 coins per hour to get a satisfying blessing. One Blessing lasts 45 minutes in average. I need 10 tries in average to get a blessing that satisfies me. That means I wouldn’t mind to pay 750 coins for one blessing. The time needed to collect raw mats for one blessing should be 1/40 of an hour (like 750 coins/30000 coins). PROS: A lot of trade with an advantage for low level players CONS: Low level players’ access to the Blessing would be lower than now (solution: maybe some free bound Blessings for low level players? C. Event items Lollipops, cinnamon balls and other prices from Halloween event could be produced too. They don’t last as long as Blessing of the Gods, but the effect is known in advance. They could cost similar to the Blessing and the collection time of raw mats could be similar. D. Cooking I suggest to make a referendum about dishes needed. Then it can be evaluated how much these dishes would be worth and how long it should take to produce them. E. Gear There is one empty slot in the equipment for glasses. I suggest a new item: temporary glasses (not permanent like they used to be). It could be discussed if they will degenerate while receiving damage or if they should last a limited time. What’s important, they should be relatively easy to produce (relatively cheap) which improves trade and collecting of raw mats. It is to be discussed which attributes would be improved by such glasses. The improvement should be higher than the Blessing of the Gods. There could be many kinds of them produced with different raw mats. But one way use. Just an example: glasses giving critical hit + 30% (maybe it’s too high) lasting 30 minutes market price 10,000 coins time needed to collect raw mats: 1/3 hour (like 10,000 coins / 30,000 coins) raw mats needed (assumption: 300 pieces collected per hour (I checked the collection rate of ores)): quartz (assumpt. 35 pcs/h) 12 pcs cat’s eye (assumpt. 6 pcs/h) 2 pcs copper ore (assumpt. 37 pcs/h) 12 pcs iron ore (assumpt. 38 pcs/h) 12 pcs gold ore (assumpt. 40 pcs/h) 12 pcs steel hilt (from Highwaymen) 50 pcs (some additional minutes needed, I omit them) Other glasses could have other buff and other raw mats needed, preferably fully different. In my oppinion these relatively easy steps incease trade, allow low level players to earn more doing not only grinding and talking to NPC's, make more fun to all players, WON'T DECREASE THE SERVER'S INCOME. Wujek, MS in Economics P.S. or DISCLAIMER Please excuse my low (maybe mid) level English. If something sounds offending or restitutionary, please believe it was not meant this way. I have played WOKF for about 10 years on several servers (they usually closed annihilating fortune). I really like the game because it has this very simple but unique feature: the shop. I simply like to run a shop, buy cheap and sell high. Yes, I am a leech. However the way I counted the alternative costs of production is (hopefully) correct, the input data is variable and just a presupposition. So the results are fraught with error. Anyway it’s an attempt to interlock the production cost with market value and to boost trade in that strange, planned, SU-like economy. If the government doesn’t like that suggestions, I don’t mind. It’s a game and I enjoyed to try to analyse it’s economy with my limited abilities. If the government likes them, I am open to any discussion. I am sure there are many small items that we could try to invent and evaluate their worth. As a consultant I want a salary of 1 gold monthly + insurance. PPS I will need an office in Liuhe with view at GM-spot, where I will watch GS-Sakura and GM-Natrix wearing their nice dresses.
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    all currently available female mall-fashions
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    Titles Fashions Mount Loot Pet
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    Although it seems convenient to most players, this item actually unbalances the game A LOT. First off, keep in mind that none of the skills have been changed, except for the stunning panda blow. All the internal damage and poison skills, all the healing skills and pots, and all classes physical damage is adjusted to some average amount of HP that characters had on OFFICIAL vest game wokf. First version of official, lvl cap 60 didn't even have refined gears. So item like this benefits class that is already broken, broadsword. They like having huge HP while at the same time they don't care if others have it too, since they can keep them stunned virtually forever. I suggest putting higher level limit to this ite, so player's gold don't go to waste but they will get to use it in some of the next patches. For this patch, keep god's eyes with lower amount of HP, 1K is probably the most appropriate.
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    Thank you to all who joined me to celebrate my birthday. Here are some fun Screenshots.
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