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  2. Login Problems

    Hey, i didn't play this game for months and now i want to login but it says that my account is already online. it would be nice if i get a fast answer thanks
  3. Login Problems

    I can't login. It says my account is already online
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  5. Client start

    The server is located in Ontario Canada, a VPN is probably going to slow your connection down even more. Your ping is just based on your distance from the connection.
  6. Client start

    Hello, I am glad this game is back ... I am currenly downloading this game .. and i noticed that i get 200ms pings .... I live in India and I guess the servers are in US or something? ... do I have to use VPN and to reduce my pings or is there another server which can help me reduce my pings
  7. Few suggestions

    hi just wondering if there is a way that an area or map can be added for people to go lvl there guardian pets up. at the moment i know of a few people who have tried to do their quests like kill gong gong etc but cant because you have people just sitting there letting their pet kill everything in site to lvl their pet yes i understand why but makes it hard for the lower levels to finish their quests
  8. New Fashions

    Admin-Natrix this is the one i was talking about
  9. So you want to start your own school ?

    Doc or someone i have my school and i have the following craft, flag, forge, internal and external halls all lvl 1 then tai xuan, wall, warehouse, fame hall and collection field lvl3. chi shang fang lvl 2 and finally wing room and yard beautification at lvl 6 now it wont let me upgrade or do anything more till i upgrade the school to lvl 3 but can't seem to do that am i missing something thought i followed the above document right
  10. Problem with skills

    Okay, first of all 1) Dongbei Nerve Pinch - this skill have a casting time of 3 seconds. Whenever I try to cast it, before it even finish casting the skill, my character would attack or hit the target which cancels the skill. The skill have a condition that the enemy would be "unable to perform any action" unless the target takes damage and that's the crux of the problem. 2) Shaolin Nerve Strike - as you know, the fist class have a skill, Xiao yan focus (not sure if I name it correctly lol), that lets other skill that have more than 2 seconds casting to be cast instantly. The problem that I have with this is that, even though I the casted the skill instantly with Xiao yan focus, the animation where the character wave his hands takes too long that by the time I can cast other skills it looks like 1.5 seconds passed. The effect of Xiao yan focus seems negligible to this skill, other casting skills have animations too but this skill have the most noticeable problem. 3) Class buff - Three Scorpion Sting, Dancing Serpent Style, etc. seems so useless,15 to 20 dmg per sec is so little that I rather would use other buff. It is saddening that I would use other buff than my own class buff, which it should not be. Every skill defines a class and I hope that in the next expansion you can make changes that would make every class would want to use their class buff more than external buff. Would want to see where each class is really set apart from each other by their skills. 4)The meridian glow, void, mist effect, etc should not even take a buff slot, can't even use it in battle coz of overbuffing (don't know if you intended it that way) and kinda annoying to click every time in town just so other people can see you have an aura.
  11. Interface Problem

    Press Ctrl + F11, also you'll get quicker support if you join us on Discord
  12. Interface Problem

    After I connect to my char, that is my screen. No interface, no shortcuts, nothing! Please, help me!
  13. Problems in Stone Forest

    Higher loot rate which its at 15x right now will increase your chances for lag. Loot pets pick up the same pace that you can pick up, 1 item at a time. The server processes each thing it does in order 1 at a time.
  14. Problems in Stone Forest

    It is caused by my Fortune Pig. I was killing too fast and the pig seemed to be falling behind picking up the drops causing lag. I recalled my pig and the lag went away.
  15. Game Freezes after Selecting Character

    If you're using Windows Defender you need to add the client folder as an exclusion. That will help with loading times. On Windows 10 Windows Defender scanning causes the loading times to be much longer. The client will act like it's not responding but it will eventually load in.
  16. Hi, I was excited to play, and everything was going fine (note: I am on a 16:9 widescreen computer ; but in full-screen mode, WoKF didn't have a problem starting)---and I was able to login, and able to create a character.......but when I pressed the "ENTER" to go into the game world, everything froze, "not responding"---I have attempted this several times and it freezes right at that specific space. I redownloaded the client, and it's doing the same thing....I am unsure if you have any other reports of other players experiencing anything similar? system info: laptop : Win10 (x64) ; Core i5-3317U ; 4GB ram ; installed on 320GB HDD. Thanks!
  17. Problems in Stone Forest

    I know it isn't exactly a bug, but I didn't know where else to post it. The Stone Forest is lagging so bad as to make it almost unplayable. I end up fighting invisible mobs and unable to collect drops.
  18. looking

    Hi I am a returning player from a while back played in 2009 then again in 2012 and now back again looking for a school that will help me remember parts of the game I have forgotten and help me learn the new parts I try and play daily love grinding, farming and making my own gear and fashion
  19. What are things you like about the current expansion?

    forge system, arch system, box of new hope, customs tokens ( i didn't get any yet but i like it ) also those / rewards with quest token, qin quest reward, qin daily, daily, etc
  20. Pvp quest we need to kill many bosses just for low rep. also the buff bugged Those new ores/herb/tree are useless nobody makes armor blue lvl 68/78 remove those and just keep the one what we need to upgrade fash
  21. Shrinking skills time period

    Remove shrinking skill (perm) time limit after use please? Coz clicking it every 5min is annoying lol
  22. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    What're the chances of next time around, allowing spectator toons ? No weapons or gear, just a supply of bound shelters.
  23. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    Puppeteer fan t1 set Male
  24. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    Sakura Fan Female
  25. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    NK the God Broadsword just give me level 1 gear normal easy win haters gonna hate
  26. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    erzu staff
  27. Anonymous School War Event 08/19/2018

    Thresh Spear
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