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  2. Few suggestions

    I can't change tai yi's category but I am thinking of another fix for it but I won't be able to do it on the next patch but it is something I will be working on.
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  4. Think it’s a bug lol

    Fate’s Jeweled Necklace and Colourful Waistband effect doesn’t work together
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  6. Few suggestions

    Drop rate of snow lotus while collecting seems to be ridiculously rare. After having cleaned the school field like 10 times I only got 1 snow lotus. Ain't any different if you try to collect it outside. Buying it for reputation is not really an option, specially if you need many since the cost of each is 500 rep. I suggest making the rate higher or having other options of getting them, such as quest rewards or boxes ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ tai yi pill should be in category of medicine. It makes pvp tedious unless one side outnumbers another since players can outheal everything. So unless you can keep your opponent stunned all the way, you will most likely fail to execute. If it was a medicine, a player could fully restore their HP but they wouldn't be able to heal at all for the next 60 sec. That risk would balance out the over powered instant healing. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ hammer stun has lower cool down than duration, if a player has tier set. That enables infinite stun stun lock in case of 1 vs 1 fight, with the only chance to break it being back-sleep or back-daze effect from twisting wind or master roshii tc. I suggest increasing the aggro cost on sacred willow strike to 35. That would make possible just 3-4 stuns in a row. Also, hammer should have their physical damage increased since it currently does less damage than spear or bs even though it has more weapon attack and attack than both. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ staff of sorrows with the healing effect doesn't work. Healing effect just never ever kicks in. Would be cool if it was fixed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all, thanks for your attention!
  7. Absorption pearls

    Before the implementation of the 61-80 level update, Advanced Absorption gems were useful for saving Exp for later. But, they only create Experience Gems for use up to level 59. There should be versions that allow for exp to be useful for 60-79, and/or for saving experience for use once the next expansion is implemented. It seems that plenty of players are already at level 80, with meridians filled, with 100% experience and the top level gear that they want. It would be useful to be able to save experience for use later so something like Advanced Experience Pearls would be very handy.
  8. Having trouble getting started ? Try this tried and tested guide to getting to level 60 the easiest way .. WOKF Fast Level Guide.txt
  9. Login Problems

    Nevermind, I solved the problem but thanks for your help :-)
  10. Login Problems

    I never got one I think. at least not regarding the game registration. I got one for entering the forum but not for the game in general. Is there a way to receive another one?
  11. Login Problems

    Did you click on the confirmation email that is sent when registering an account? Also, you'll get a much quicker response if you join our discord server since we're on there all the time.
  12. Login Problems

    Hey, I got a problem with logging into the game. Maybe i'm just too stupid to understand why but whenever I try to login I get the anouncement: Invalid account or password. Please check and enter the correct account or password. I already checked for errors with typing. I'm new to this server and not sure if there is a condition I haven't meet yet. Your help would be appreciated :-)
  13. Class gear effect bug

    I will check into this issue
  14. Class gear effect bug

    With a full set of class gear, you can't auto run your toon. Every time you are attacked you stop running. The -20% speed effect causes it, have to ditch a piece when i need to auto run to a spot. Can this be looked into? Thank you.
  15. Hook Skills That Can Be Buff

    Can you guys buff these skills? Vicious Wolf Slash to do a decent amount of dmg before the poison takes effect would be nice. Savage Dragon Sickle do needs more dmg. Tiger Soul Slash if possible to drain more MP from target. Hooked Lightning if possible can do some poison and buff the additional dmg from 600 to 1000 would be good
  16. If possible you guys should make the healing skill to restore at least 1k and the mana to restore 1.5k around there.
  17. relic npc

    Can you add the ability to do 1 relic at a time with the 40 so that you can do stragglers if u don't have 40 at at time please?
  18. Hammer Buffs

    Ok I see sorry I never really played hammer that much :X. But I seem to remember the skill being used as a team buff too guess I was wrong :X.
  19. Hammer Buffs

    Encouraging Shout is a battle buff, not a team buff to have at all times.
  20. Hook Buffs

    I think hook buff should get a timer increase so people will use the skill more for their toons. I think the timer should be at least half an hour to 1 hour time limit for at least the attack and defense buffs is not the speed increasing buff.
  21. Hammer Buffs

    I think maybe the cuff could use a 30 minute to 1 hour timer so it will be used more for alts trying to up the stats of other class that might be used them. Also the timer for the encouraging shouts is only 1 minute. It may not get used if the timer is only 1 minute.
  22. OverAll Damage

    Maybe in the near future you can increase the overall damage of the fist class so its more capable of doing things like farming faster....... Thanks
  23. Hammer Buffs

    Please readjust buff of hammers, they are very low Aand would be good if u add "Emerging Tortoise Snap" as a buff too
  24. Arching bugs and glitchs

    Your report makes no sense at all. A boss won't magically change from level 70 to level 80.
  25. Arching bugs and glitchs

    In level 70 arch quest when I take the arch quest and go to the coordinates before the resp wan I click accept and the i click (S) before he hit me and then I can damage the boss without getting Damage from the boss. I can team with alt and then before resp wan the boss i don't click accept i teleport to my alt and i go back same place I was the boss resp wan without chat knows and boss turns from level 70 to 80 Note ( sometimes happened sometime not) I can teleport to an alt before resp wan the boss and while teleport i click accept the boss can be resp wan in Arching tomb.
  26. First Look - New Expansion

    We are open to any criticism you might have and will answer any questions you have. Ask on this thread.
  27. First Look - New Expansion

    With our next expansion for WoKF, we wanted to move away from doing the same thing that has been done in the past and instead expand on what we can do to make the game even more unique. Some of the major changes we are making is with how a player crafts gear for their toon and also how questing is done. Gear has always been the same for each class and person. Each class has one type they can usually pick from and are required to for the most part play with those attributes and gives the player no choice in how they play. With the new professions being added enchanting will play a major role in how a player creates their gear. Every class will start out with the same type of gear with the same base stats and with enchanting the players will have unique enchants they can place on their gear which will change how they decide to play their class. The type of enchants players can put on gear is not known at this point but they will be limited to one type per piece of gear and there will not be a chance for any bonus equipment buffs with this system. With questing in the past players are met with a quest line that they don’t read and just see what needs to be done and don’t care about any of the other parts of that quest. Starting at level 80 you will be talking to a mission manager to get a random quest that will have you perform some duty to complete the quest. It would not be a wise idea to cancel the quest seeing as you will be required to trade a specific item (unknown currently) to accept the quest. Completing the quest will award you with an item that is needed for professions to complete work orders which will grant you materials needed for that profession. There will be other ways to get this item also but this allows you to get some experience while also helping you progress your profession. Quest will not be the primary way to level on this expansion. General Overview of WoKF Expansion 3.0: Level Cap 100 New Town - Lots of New NPC’s New Grinding Map New Instance Updated Country System World Reputation New Weekly Events Dungeon Difficulty (Was suppose to be included on previous expansion but was postponed) Profession System Bonus Loot Reroll Skill Changes *This list is not complete and will be updated as we decide to add new systems. As per usual our level cap will be jumping up 20 levels to level 100. The current king and country system has no real reason for involvement of the players and we intended to give the reason for players to want to participate in these events. The Country Invasions, Country War, King of Kung Fu Events and The Legendary School Event will be the primary ways to acquire World Reputation. World Reputation will be used for items needed for recipes in professions. Profession System: Each player will be able to choose from one of four unique professions. Once a profession is picked you will not be able to change it no matter what. Tailoring: Specialized use with fabrics to create fashion upgrades and bandages. Inscription: Specialized use with scrolls create upgrades to transform cards and create emblems. Alchemy: Specialized use with herbs to create powerful potions and flask. Enchanting: Specialized use of various materials to create powerful enchantments on your equipment. Cooking will be available to everyone. You'll be able to create powerful food that grants you stats useful in battle, create foods to restore Health/Mana/Aggression out of combat faster and also create unique foods that perform odd abilities. Bonus Loot System: After killing a boss if you’ve acquired a special coin a dialog will appear asking you if you want to reroll for a drop chance on this boss. You could still get nothing, you could get coins or you could get a piece of gear that could drop from the boss. Skill Changes: Not much has been discussed about skills or how they’re going to be changed. Ideas have been floating around but nothing decided yet. There are locations on the forum to give your suggestions for skills. This might not seem like a lot of information when reading but is a lot of information on the back-end and for you the players once you are able to do this in game. We will be adding as new information becomes available. New Grinding Map: No Name Currently - These images are all from the same map. New Town: No Name Yet - Has been abandonded and will be getting a face lift. New Instance: No Name Yet
  28. Ideas

    Expanding the number of people that can be in a team or party. (7 - 8) Being able to pull enemies and or mobs a little further, (example) maybe the size of the mini map. Augmentation of weapons. (Adding an after effect) (Burn, Ice, Chi, etc.) Maybe think about SMKF. Reviving Ancient Crypt. (Liuhe) Time spawning mobs. (Mobs change in a certain area through the day.) Dazing tiles. (Adding new items like this one possibly.) Some more new fashion, and new dyes. Just some Ideas that might the game a little more interesting.
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